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First Hannah - The initial drawing of Hannah. Actually, I just wanted to draw a Japanese school girl. But I was also looking for a simple plot to do a manga with, and she fit the role of the heroine. Original name: Himeka Date: 02/15/03 / openCanvas
First Hayden - Well, originally I wanted Hayden to look like Die from Dir-en-Grey... aheh. I'm glad I changed his look - this one just doesn't fit his personality (though he had no personality, I just wanted a guy to go along with Hannah). Date: 02/16/03 / openCanvas
First Michelle - This was a random sketch, actually, and halfway through I decided she would be Hannah's best friend. Her original name was Mitsumi. Date: 03/01/03 / openCanvas
First Ian/eRo - Ian has a secret identity. This is what he really looks like. I drew this during Spanish class as a sketch, but decided to include him in the comic. Date: 03/03/03 / openCanvas
Group - The first group drawing I did of the characters. Date: 03/27/03 / openCanvas
The guys - Well, the lineart is bad quality, I was inking with a pen brush for the first time and, well, I can't figure out how to make it not shakey. Date: 04/07/03 / openCanvas
Hannah and Michelle - I was trying out a new eye style here (I got the idea from Soul Taker), and it fit Hannah really well. Date: 04/13/03 / Painter 7.0
First Kendrick - Ricky was the last character I came up with for WFM. I also don't like him much ^_^; (he's so serious!) His original name was Kioshi. Date: 05/02/03 / openCanvas + Painter 7.0
Frustrated eRo - eRo is a character who I'm very secretive about - if you search hard enough on the site, you can figure out why (you can guess just by looking at this page, actually). I don't like this picture much - his hand looks like it's being eaten by his hair, but other people have liked it. Date: 06/20/03 / Painter Classic
Hannah and Hayden - These two look very happy together ^_^ Hayden's very fun - the more I draw him, the more I like him. Date: 08/26/03 / Prismacolor Markers
Hannah - background image - This gave me a lot of grief when I was laying it out, and you still can't see it ^_^; Oh well. Date: 08/29/03 / openCanvas
Sleeping Hayden and Hannah - If you're interested in the story behind this picture, visit my deviantART page. It made me all "aww" when I was thinking it up (it's a great scene for Hayden/Hannah fans ^_^; I you're out there somewhere...) Date: 09/18/03 / Pencil, edited in Photoshop, brushes from brushabrusha
Hayden listening to music - I was trying out a new coloring style with this. It turned out... ok. Date: 10/24/03 / openCanvas
Ian the White Rabbit - This was going to be part of a series of "Alice in Wonderland" things, where I'd have every character as a different Alice in Wonderland person. Michelle was going to be the Mad Hatter, Hayden the Chesire Cat, and Ricky the Queen of Hearts (with minor characters and characters that I haven't introduced yet playing the rest of the cast). I forgot all about it, though ^_^; Date: 10/26/03 / openCanvas
Hannah as Alice - Of course, Hannah was going to be Alice. Date: 11/14/03 / openCanvas
Hannah and Hayden 2 - I got a trial version of the new oC program, and drew this to test it out. It's my favorite Hannah/Hayden picture so far. Date: 11/14/03 / openCanvas


eRo modeling - eRo is a singer - he's very popular (he plays guitar and writes his own music too!). So, he'd probably pose for some picture for his fangirls ^_^; Date: 06/17/03 / openCanvas
Michelle and Ian - ... Date: 07/23/03 / openCanvas
Snapshot of Hayden - Hmm... I wanted to test out an eye style, and it didn't work out right. So I used the picture to test screentones. Date: 08/12/03 / openCanvas
Ghosty eRo - I really should stop posting eRo drawings ^_^; But he's the character I draw the most. It's still not gonna be until sometime next year that he's introduced... *sigh* Date: 09/07/03 / Micron Brush Pen
Michelle and Ian - Yknow, before I was drawing Hayden in the comic, Ian was my favorite character. Now he's my second favorite ^_^; Date: 10/04/03 / Pencil
Michelle screentoned - I drew this one for the WFM character quiz - I didn't have a recent drawing of Michelle, so I did this one. Date: 11/15/03 / openCanvas
Ian sitting - Just more playing with the new oC program. Date: 11/15/03 / openCavas

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