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Hannah Tanner
Name: Hannah Tanner
Gender: F
Age: 16
Blood Type: A
Birthdate: June 08 (Gemini)
Nationality: Cuban-American (Paternal grandmother was Cuban)
Parents: Angel (father) and Julia (mother)
Siblings: None
Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Chip
The main character. Hannah is fairly shy at first, but only because her mind is always elsewhere. She isn't ditzy persay, she's just got a lot on her mind (even though most of it doesn't make much sense). She tends to daydream and doesn't pay a whole lot of attention to what is going on around her. Hannah is devoted when she finds someone she thinks is worth her attention.
Ricky Nichelson
Name: Kendrick "Ricky" Nichelson
Gender: M
Age: 17
Blood Type: B
Birthdate: November 4 (Scorpio)
Nationality: Japanese-American (mother was Japanese)
Parents: Richard and Hisa (deceased)
Siblings: None
Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla
Ricky, as Hannah affectionally calls him, doesn't seem to notice that the universe doesn't revolve around him. He always seems to be on his own agenda, and doesn't let anyone else interfere with his plans. He can be kind, but only after you get past his cold exterior. He's very quiet around everyone except for Hannah and Lukas.
Hayden Saint
Name: Hayden Saint
Gender: M
Age: 16
Blood Type: O
Birthdate: September 25 (Libra)
Nationality: American
Parents: Steve and Susan (divorced)
Siblings: Half-sister Marie (4)
Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Compared to his classmates, Hayden is very poor. He came to the school looking for his childhood sweetheart (literally). After finding her (Hannah), he still has a hard time remaining steadfast to his cause. In other words, he's a huge flirt. However, he certainly gives Hannah more attention than Kendrick does - even though Hannah constantly gives Hayden the cold shoulder. Hayden is very enthusiastic and craves attention.
Michelle Thomas
Name: Michelle Thomas
Gender: F
Age: 16
Blood Type: AB
Birthdate: July 25 (Leo)
Nationality: American
Parents: Mark and Jen
Siblings: Douglas (19)
Ice Cream Flavor: Rocky Road
Hannah's best friend since freshman year and filthy rich. Michelle seems like she'd be a huge snob and incredibly difficult to talk to, but in fact she's one of the nicest people in her grade. She strives for perfection and approval, even though she pretends not to care what other people think. She has many admirers, but doesn't seem to have any interest in them aside from their attention.
Ian Underwood
Name: Ian Underwood
Gender: M
Age: 17
Blood Type: O
Birthdate: September 5 (Virgo)
Nationality: American
Parents: ???
Siblings: ???
Ice Cream Flavor: Prefers Frozen Yogurt
Secret character. More information will be revealed when he shows up around Chapter 7 or 8.

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